My Favorite Knitwear/Crochet Designers

Today I will be showing some serious love to some of my favorite knitwear/Crochet designers that I have adored for a while. I have knit and crocheted a few of their designs over the last few months and years.

First up is Chantal! She is the amazing designer behind Knitatude.

I've been following her since 2018 and I've also test knit for her. She is such a sweet and wonderful woman. Her blog is full of tips and tricks for business (even everything about making sure you don't cross legal and copyright lines and laws when designing and selling). Her designs are out of this world (see the -> Easy Eyelet Yoke design)!

Whether you are a total knitting newbie or an expert, her patterns are for YOU! If it weren't for her easy to understand patterns, I don't think I would be able to knit top down yoke anything right now. If you need a great beginner sweater pattern, go buy her Easy Eyelet Yoke Sweater/Lite patterns. I've made the sweater version and I am currently knitting up the Lite version. Both are so easy and come out beautifully. I think I lived in my test knit Eyelet Yoke Sweater for a week. It's seriously that amazing. Please, please, please....go show Chantal and her business some love! She puts so much heart into everything she makes and shares.

Courtesy of Chantal from Knitatude

Here is the links to her Website and Instagram. Being a small business owner is not easy at all but she makes it look so flawless!



Second up is Kelly! She is the nature loving designer behind Knitbrooks and Hookbbs. I've also been following her since about 2017/2018 and I mentally drool when I see her designs. I have yet to crochet and knit any of them up, but I have some of her patterns in my cart ready to buy. My favorite designs of hers to date are the Oversized Tapered Scarf, Oversized Hooded Scarf and the Forever October Slouch! These are on the top of my TO MAKE LIST!!

Kelly not only designs patterns....she makes CROCHET HOOKS. These hooks are insanely beautiful. I can't really put it into the truest words. She works so hard to bring these gorgeous hooks to life and each one is unique. Just LOOK AT THESE BBS.

Courtesy of Kelly from Knitbrooks

Her entire Instagram feed and her website make me want it to be the Fall Season all the time. I cannot rave enough about her and everything she makes! Please go give her and her two businesses some serious love! Links below for her.



These two amazing women are my beyond favorite Knitwear, Crochet and HookBB makers out there. I get so excited when a new design drops from both of them. They make me laugh with their posts, they make me think with on the hard topics when they express how they feel, and they just bring a smile to my face on the regular. Go stop by all these links for them and show support, show love, and give them tons of follows.

I'll be posting favorite designer blog posts every so often. Check back for more later! Don't forget to check out my shop.


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