Where It All Began...

Winter of 2003 (I was 8 years old!) in my home state of Indiana is one I will never forget. My grandma and I were sitting in the living room spending time together and I was watching her knit scarves. White fluffy scarves! I remember being so interested in what she was doing and I asked if she could teach me how to knit. That is where my knitting journey began, with big plastic pink and orange knitting needles of my very own and some yarn. Watching my grandma and repeating what she did. For years after that day, I made scarf after scarf out of the only stitch I knew....the Garter Stitch. It was an off and on relationship with knitting during that time.

The following summer, we made our yearly trip to Rhode Island to spend the summer in our vacation home. That Summer of 2004 was when I learned how to crochet from a relative. I remember learning how to chain for the foundation of a simple square for practice and single crochet came so easy after that. It did not take very long for me to pick up this craft either. In a matter of 20 minutes or so, I had figured out how to do very basic crochet stitches. Just like knitting, this too was an off and on relationship. I did not crochet or knit for around 5 years after learning both crafts.

Around my transition from Middle School to High School (2008 - 2009), I became interested in knitting again. During that time I made a scarf here and there, but not much else. It was not until 2012, when I moved to Arizona with my father, that I started knitting once again, but like the last time, it did not last long. I was preoccupied with graduating from High School. But around my Sophomore year of college back in Indiana, I became fully immersed in crocheting, making everything I could from blankets to hair accessories.

Once I graduated from college in 2017, I started working at craft stores while knitting and crocheting on the side. In 2019, my husband and I had our first child and got married which caused my love for my two hobbies blossom immensely!

Over the years my love for knitting and crocheting has endured even when I was not actively creating things! Now here I am, living in a new state, with my family, ready to start a new adventure of blogging and selling my creations here on my website for the first time ever! I still sit back sometimes and think about how long ago it was that I learned these crafts from people I love.

I hope each of you can find something to enjoy here on my site! Whether its a blog post or a product. Welcome to Strings Among Things!


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